12 strokes

expense, cost, spend, consume, waste



Common words

  • 消費しょうひ
    consumption, expenditure, spending
  • 消費者しょうひしゃ
  • 費用ひよう
    cost, expense
  • 経費けいひ
    expenses, expenditure, outgoings, outlays, costs
  • 会費かいひ
    membership fee
  • 旅費りょひ
    travel expenses
  • 交通費こうつうひ
    traveling expenses, travelling expenses, carfare
  • 燃費ねんぴ
    fuel consumption, gas mileage
  • 食費しょくひ
    food expense
  • 学費がくひ
    tuition, school expenses
  • 国費こくひ
    national expenditure, government spending, public funds
  • 実費じっぴ
    actual expenses, out-of-pocket expenses, cost price
  • 浪費ろうひ
    waste, extravagance
  • 予備費よびひ
    reserve funds, emergency funds
  • 私費しひ
    private expense
  • 光熱費こうねつひ
    cost of fuel and lighting, cost of heat and electricity, energy bill, utility cost
  • 費やすついやす
    to spend, to expend, to consume, to waste, to squander, to throw away, to devote