10 strokes

rouse, wake up, get up



Common words

  • 起訴きそ
    prosecution, indictment
  • 起こすおこす
    to raise, to raise up, to set up, to pick up, to wake, to wake up, to waken, to awaken, to cause, to bring about, to lead to, to trigger, to give rise to, to create, to generate (e.g. heat, electricity), to produce, to start, to begin, to launch, to establish, to found, to set up, to open, to plough, to plow, to till, to fall ill with, to transcribe, to write down (what is spoken), to turn over (a card)
  • 提起ていき
    raising (a question), posing (a problem), bringing up (an issue), presenting, instituting (a lawsuit), lodging, filing (a claim), submitting (a case), lifting up
  • 発起人ほっきにん
    originator, promoter
  • 起源きげん
    origin, beginning, source, rise
  • 起こるおこる
    to occur, to happen
  • 起点きてん
    starting point, origin
  • 再起さいき
    comeback, recovery, restoration, rally
  • 縁起えんぎ
    omen, sign of luck, origin, history, causation, dependent arising, doctrine that everything has a cause and there is nothing that arises out of nothing
  • 奮起ふんき
    stirring, rousing oneself
  • 喚起かんき
    arousal, excitation, awakening, evocation
  • 起床きしょう
    rising (from one's bed), getting up, getting out of bed
  • 引き起こすひきおこす
    to cause, to induce, to bring about, to provoke, to pull upright, to help up (e.g. a fallen person)
  • 起立きりつ
    standing up
  • 起きるおきる
    to get up, to rise, to blaze up (fire), to wake up, to be awake, to stay awake, to occur (usu. of unfavourable incidents), to happen, to take place
  • 隆起りゅうき
    protuberance, bulge, protrusion, projection, swell, rise, uplift, upheaval, elevation
  • 早起きはやおき
    early rising
  • 起き上がるおきあがる
    to rise, to erect, to get up