9 strokes

chase, drive away, follow, pursue, meanwhile



Common words

  • 追加ついか
    addition, supplement, appending, appendix
  • 追い込むおいこむ
    to herd, to drive, to chase, to corral, to corner, to force someone into doing, to go hard, to push yourself, to make a last charge, to run on (e.g. lines in printing), to have two strikes
  • 追うおう
    to chase, to run after, to pursue, to follow after, to follow (a set order, a trend, etc.), to drive out, to get rid of, to oust, to expel, to drive (e.g. a herd), to be pressed (e.g. for time)
  • 追及ついきゅう
    investigation (e.g. into someone's guilt), questioning, pressing, hounding, pinning down, catching up, overtaking
  • 追放ついほう
    exile, banishment, eviction, deportation, purge, expulsion, ousting, elimination (e.g. of poverty), removal
  • 追悼ついとう
  • 追い風おいかぜ
    tailwind, fair wind, favorable wind (favourable), favorable condition (favourable), advantageous situation
  • 追跡ついせき
    chase, pursuit, tracking, stalking, following up, tracing
  • 追求ついきゅう
    pursuit (of a goal, ideal, etc.), search, chase, seeking after
  • 追いつくおいつく
    to catch up (with), to draw level, to pull even, to reach, to be compensated, to make up for one's losses
  • 追随ついずい
    following (in the footsteps of), catching up with, coming level with
  • 追い出すおいだす
    to expel, to drive out
  • 追突ついとつ
    rear-end collision
  • 追究ついきゅう
    investigation (e.g. academically, of the unknown), close inquiry (enquiry)
  • 追い越すおいこす
    to pass (e.g. car), to overtake, to surpass, to outstrip, to get ahead of, to outdistance