10 strokes

traffic, pass through, avenue, commute, counter for letters, notes, documents, etc.



Common words

  • 見通しみとおし
    unobstructed view, perspective, visibility, vista, forecast, outlook, prospect, prediction, insight, foresight
  • 通信つうしん
    correspondence, communication, transmission, news, signal, telecommunications
  • 共通きょうつう
    common, shared, mutual, to be common (to), to be shared (by), -wide
  • 通常つうじょう
    usual, ordinary, normal, regular, general, common
  • 通産省つうさんしょう
    (former) Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), MITI
  • 通貨つうか
  • 普通ふつう
    normal, ordinary, regular, usual, common, average, normally, ordinarily, usually, generally, commonly, local train, train that stops at every station
  • 交通こうつう
    traffic, transportation, communication, exchange (of ideas, etc.), intercourse
  • 流通りゅうつう
    circulation (of money, goods, etc.), distribution, circulation (of air, water, etc.), ventilation, flow
  • 通りどおり
    in accordance with, following, roughly, about, Street, Avenue
  • 通勤つうきん
    commuting to work
  • 通過つうか
    passing through (a tunnel, station, town, etc.), passing by (e.g. of a typhoon), transit, passage (of a bill, e.g. through parliament), carriage, passing (an examination, inspection, etc.), clearing, getting through (a preliminary round), qualification
  • 通達つうたつ
    notification, official notice, directive (e.g. from higher to lower levels of the administration), being well versed (in), being proficient (in)
  • 通話つうわ
    telephone call, speaking over the telephone, (Internet) voice call, counter for telephone calls of a set duration
  • 交通事故こうつうじこ
    traffic accident
  • 通訳つうやく
    interpretation (i.e. oral translation), interpreter
  • 通知つうち
    notice, notification, report, posting, notification (on a smartphone, PC, etc.)
  • 通行つうこう
    passage (of people or vehicles), passing (through), traffic, common usage, widespread use
  • 文字通りもじどおり
    literally, to the letter, literal
  • 通学つうがく
    commuting to school, school commute