12 strokes

slow, late, back, later



Common words

  • 遅れおくれ
    delay, lag, postponement, falling behind
  • 遅延ちえん
    delay, latency
  • 遅いおそい
    slow, time-consuming, sluggish, late (in the day), towards the end (of the day or night), until a time far into the day or night, later (than expected or usual), late, behind schedule, behind time, tardy, overdue, unpunctual, too late, having missed the boat, dull, stupid
  • 遅刻ちこく
    lateness, tardiness, arriving late
  • 手遅れておくれ
    being too late, losing one's final chance
  • 遅咲きおそざき
    late blooming (flower, talent), late flowering
  • 遅配ちはい
    delay in rationing
  • 遅滞ちたい
    delay, procrastination
  • 遅れるおくれる
    to be late, to be delayed, to fall behind schedule, to be overdue, to fall behind (in a race, one's studies, etc.), to lag behind, to be behind (the times), to be bereaved of, to be preceded by (someone) in death, to be slow (of a clock or watch)
  • 乗り遅れるのりおくれる
    to miss (a train, bus, etc.), to fail to keep up with (e.g. the times), to be left behind by