9 strokes

heavy, important, esteem, respect, heap up, pile up, nest of boxes, -fold



Common words

  • 重要じゅうよう
    important, momentous, essential, principal, major
  • 重大じゅうだい
    serious, important, significant, grave, weighty
  • 重視じゅうし
    regarding as important, attaching importance to, taking a serious view of, putting emphasis on
  • 重点じゅうてん
    important point, emphasis, stress, importance, priority, iteration mark, colon (punctuation)
  • 貴重きちょう
    precious, valuable
  • 慎重しんちょう
    careful, cautious, prudent, discreet, deliberate
  • 体重たいじゅう
    (body) weight
  • 重さおもさ
  • 二重にじゅう
    double, two-fold, two layers, duplex, diplo-, dipl-, double-edged eyelid, double eyelid, creased eyelid
  • 重傷じゅうしょう
    serious wound, serious injury
  • 重量じゅうりょう
    weight, heavyweight boxer
  • 尊重そんちょう
    respect, esteem, regard
  • 重みおもみ
    weight, weight (e.g. of someone's words), burden, grandeur, dignity, importance, significance
  • 厳重げんじゅう
    strict, severe, stringent, rigorous, rigid, firm, strong, secure
  • 重ねるかさねる
    to pile up, to heap up, to stack up, to put on top of another, to repeat many times over, to go through repeatedly, to accumulate
  • 比重ひじゅう
    specific gravity, relative density, relative importance, weight
  • 重力じゅうりょく
    gravity, gravitation, gravitational pull
  • 重体じゅうたい
    serious condition, critical condition
  • 重症じゅうしょう
    serious illness
  • 重荷おもに
    load, heavy burden, encumbrance, heavy freight, heavy responsibility