15 strokes

pointed, sharpness, edge, weapon, sharp, violent



Common words

  • 新鋭しんえい
    young and energetic, up-and-coming, new and excellent, newly produced, up-and-comer
  • 鋭いするどい
    sharp (knife, claws, etc.), pointed, sharp (pain, tone, etc.), acute, stabbing, cutting (remark, criticism, etc.), stinging, biting, fierce (attack), pointed (question, look, etc.), piercing (gaze), shrill (sound), keen (intuition, sense of smell, etc.), acute, sharp (eye, mind, etc.), astute, shrewd, discerning, penetrating (insight, question, etc.), perceptive
  • 精鋭せいえい
    elite, best, pick, cream of the crop
  • 鋭利えいり
    sharp, keen, acute
  • 鋭角えいかく
    acute angle
  • 鋭敏えいびん
    sharp, keen, acute