12 strokes

interval, space



Common words

  • 時間じかん
    time, hour, period, class, lesson
  • 年間ねんかん
    (period of) a year, during the era (of)
  • 人間にんげん
    human being, human, person, man, mankind, humankind, character (of a person)
  • 民間みんかん
    private, non-governmental, non-official, civilian, civil, folk, popular
  • 期間きかん
    period, term, interval
  • 中間ちゅうかん
    middle, midway, halfway, centre, center, middle position, moderate position, neutral position, middle-of-the-road position, interim, intermediary, intermediate, midterm
  • 仲間なかま
    companion, fellow, friend, mate, comrade, partner, colleague, coworker, associate, group, company, circle, set, gang, member of the same category (family, class)
  • 空間くうかん
    space, room, airspace
  • 瞬間しゅんかん
    moment, second, instant
  • あいだ
    space (between), gap, interval, distance, stretch, period of time (during, while), duration, interval, between (two parties or things), among (a group), relations (between), relationship, midpoint, average, halfway, middle ground, due to, because of
  • 間もなくまもなく
    soon, shortly, before long, in a short time, in a little while, having no time to ..., with no time to ...
  • 夜間やかん
    night, nighttime
  • 世間せけん
    world, society, people, the public
  • 間違いまちがい
    mistake, error, blunder, accident, mishap, trouble, improper conduct (e.g. between man and woman), indiscretion
  • 区間くかん
    section (of track, etc.), segment, dimension, interval
  • 昼間ひるま
    daytime, during the day, time from sunrise until sunset, diurnal period
  • 長時間ちょうじかん
    long time, several hours, long spell
  • 手間てま
    time, labour, labor
  • 合間あいま
    interval, break, pause, spare moment
  • 間近まぢか
    near, close (to), nearby, (drawing) near, approaching, almost here, just around the corner