8 strokes

blue, green



Common words

  • 青年せいねん
    youth, young man
  • あお
    blue, azure, green, green light (traffic), black (horse coat color), blue 5-point card, immature, unripe, young
  • 青春せいしゅん
    youth, springtime of life, adolescent
  • 青少年せいしょうねん
    youth, young person
  • 青空あおぞら
    blue sky
  • 青葉あおば
    fresh leaves
  • 青いあおい
    blue, azure, green, pale, gray, grey, unripe, inexperienced
  • 青ざめるあおざめる
    to become pale, to turn pale
  • 真っ青まっさお
    deep blue, bright blue, ghastly pale, pallid, white as a sheet
  • 青銅せいどう
  • 青酸せいさん
    hydrocyanic acid, prussic acid, hydrogen cyanide
  • 青白いあおじろい
    pale, pallid, bluish-white
  • 緑青ろくしょう
    verdigris, green rust, copper rust