9 strokes

sound, noise



Common words

  • 音楽おんがく
  • おと
    sound, noise, report, note, fame, Chinese-derived character reading
  • 本音ほんね
    real intention, motive, true opinion, what one really thinks
  • 騒音そうおん
    noise, din
  • 音声おんせい
    voice, speech, sound of a voice, sound (e.g. of a TV)
  • 録音ろくおん
    (audio) recording
  • 音響おんきょう
    sound, noise, acoustics, reverberation, echo, audio
  • 音色ねいろ
    tone color, tone colour, tone quality, timbre
  • 発音はつおん
    pronunciation, production of sound
  • 雑音ざつおん
    noise (usu. unpleasant), interference (e.g. radio), static, noise, gossip, irresponsible criticism
  • 防音ぼうおん
  • 足音あしおと
    sound of footsteps, sense or sign that something is approaching
  • 録音テープろくおんテープ
    audio tape, magnetic tape
  • 低音ていおん
    low tone, bass, low voice
  • 五十音ごじゅうおん
    the Japanese syllabary
  • 福音ふくいん
    good news, glad tidings, gospel (teachings or revelations of Christ)
  • 高音こうおん
    high-pitched tone, soprano
  • 弱音よわね
    feeble complaint, whine
  • 物音ものおと
    noise, sound
  • 音程おんてい
    interval, step, pitch, key