11 strokes

place on the head, receive, top of head, top, summit, peak



Common words

  • 頂点ちょうてん
    vertex, apex, top (e.g. of a mountain), summit, peak, top (of a profession, field, etc.), summit, peak (of popularity, a boom, etc.), height (e.g. of prosperity), apex, zenith, climax
  • 山頂さんちょう
    summit (of a mountain)
  • 頂上ちょうじょう
    top, summit, peak
  • 絶頂ぜっちょう
    top (of a mountain), summit, peak, height, zenith, climax, orgasm, climax
  • 有頂天うちょうてん
    ecstasy, highest heaven
  • 頂戴ちょうだい
    receiving, getting, accepting, being given, eating, drinking, having, please (give me; do for me)