10 strokes

skeleton, bone, remains, frame



Common words

  • ほね
    bone, frame, outline, core, backbone, spirit, fortitude, laborious, troublesome, difficult
  • 骨髄こつずい
    bone marrow, medulla, true spirit, one's mind
  • 骨格こっかく
    skeleton, skeletal structure, build, frame, physique, framework
  • 骨子こっし
    main point, gist, essentials, bones (e.g. of an idea), pith
  • 鉄骨てっこつ
    steel frame, steel beam, steel girder
  • 骨折こっせつ
    bone fracture
  • 露骨ろこつ
    open, unconcealed, undisguised, blatant, plain, frank, broad, lewd, indecent, crude
  • 骨抜きほねぬき
    boning (fish or meat), deboning, watering down (a plan, bill, etc.), dilution, emasculation, taking the backbone out of, weakening
  • 背骨せぼね
    spine, backbone, spinal column
  • 軟骨なんこつ
    cartilage, nankotsu, (dish of) gristle (usu. of chicken, deep-fried)
  • 頭骨とうこつ