10 strokes

overthrow, fall, collapse, drop, break down



Common words

  • 圧倒的あっとうてき
  • 倒産とうさん
    (corporate) bankruptcy, insolvency, commercial failure, failed business
  • 面倒めんどう
    trouble, bother, trouble, difficulty, care, attention
  • 倒れるたおれる
    to fall (over, down), to collapse, to take a fall, to topple, to be destroyed (in a collapse), to collapse, to cave in, to crumble, to give away, to be confined to bed (with an illness), to come down with, to break down (e.g. from overwork), to die, to be killed, to go bankrupt (of a company, bank, etc.), to fail, to collapse, to go under, to be defeated (in a game), to lose, to fall (of a government, dictator, etc.), to be overthrown
  • 圧倒あっとう
    to overwhelm (e.g. an opponent), to overpower, to crush, to defeat completely, to overwhelm (someone with emotion), to move, to impress, to fill with emotion, to intimidate, to frighten, to threaten
  • 倒すたおす
    to throw down, to bring down, to blow down, to fell, to knock down, to set (something) down on its side, to turn (something) on its side, to recline (e.g. a seat), to kill, to defeat, to beat, to overthrow, to trip up, to ruin, to leave unpaid, to cheat
  • 倒閣とうかく
    overthrow of government
  • 共倒れともだおれ
    falling together, mutual destruction, joint bankruptcy
  • 将棋倒ししょうぎだおし
    falling down one after another (like dominoes), toppling shogi pieces (lined up in a row)
  • 傾倒けいとう
    devoting oneself to, concentrating on, being an ardent admirer of, having great esteem for, tipping over and collapsing
  • 倒錯とうさく
    perversion, inversion