2 strokes

enter, insert



Common words

  • 輸入ゆにゅう
    import, importation, introduction, afferent
  • 購入こうにゅう
    purchase, buy
  • 収入しゅうにゅう
    income, receipts, revenue
  • 導入どうにゅう
    introduction, bringing in, installation, setting up, importation, introduction (to a story, lecture, etc.), introductory part
  • 入札にゅうさつ
    bid, tender, bidding
  • 介入かいにゅう
  • 入学にゅうがく
    admission (to a school or university), entrance, enrolment, enrollment, matriculation
  • 入場にゅうじょう
    entrance, admission, entering
  • 加入かにゅう
    joining (a club, organization, etc.), becoming a member, entry, admission, subscription, affiliation, signing (e.g. a treaty), taking out (insurance)
  • 入院にゅういん
    hospitalization, hospitalisation
  • 入試にゅうし
    entrance examination
  • 入社にゅうしゃ
    joining a company, getting a job with a company, starting work at a company
  • 入賞にゅうしょう
    winning a prize, placing (high; in a contest)
  • 入国にゅうこく
    entry into a country
  • 入選にゅうせん
    being selected (for a prize, exhibition, etc.), being accepted, winning
  • 受け入れるうけいれる
    to accept, to receive, to agree
  • 申し入れもうしいれ
    proposal, offer, report, proposition, notice, request
  • 入門にゅうもん
    becoming a pupil (of), becoming a disciple, entering an institution, beginning training, introduction (to), primer, guide, entering through a gate
  • 突入とつにゅう
    rushing into, breaking into, storming, plunging into (war, etc.), embarking on (a new venture)
  • 仕入れしいれ
    stocking, buying up