4 strokes

public, prince, official, governmental



Common words

  • 公演こうえん
    public performance, exhibition in a foreign country
  • 公共こうきょう
    public (facilities, service, etc.), communal
  • 公園こうえん
    (public) park
  • 公開こうかい
    opening to the public, making available to the public, exhibiting, unveiling, release (of a film, information, etc.), disclosure, publication
  • 公式こうしき
    official, formal, formula (e.g. mathematical), official (social media) account (of a company, organization, etc.)
  • 公明こうめい
    fairness, openness, impartiality, Komeito (Japanese political party)
  • 公判こうはん
    public hearing, trial
  • 公害こうがい
    pollution, public nuisance, contamination
  • 公認こうにん
    official recognition, official approval, certification, authorization, authorisation
  • 公務員こうむいん
    government worker, public servant, civil servant
  • 公立こうりつ
    public (institution)
  • 公表こうひょう
    official announcement, proclamation
  • 公約こうやく
    public commitment, public promise, campaign pledge, official vow
  • 主人公しゅじんこう
    protagonist, main character, hero, heroine, head (of a household), proprietor (of a store)
  • 公邸こうてい
    official residence
  • 公算こうさん
    probability, likelihood
  • 公聴会こうちょうかい
    public hearing
  • 公正こうせい
    justice, fairness, impartiality
  • 公団こうだん
    public corporation, public housing
  • 公募こうぼ
    public appeal (e.g. for contributions), public advertisement (of a post), open recruitment, public offering (of securities)