12 strokes

victory, win, prevail, excel



Common words

  • 優勝ゆうしょう
    overall victory, championship, winning the title, (being in) heaven, bliss, perfect contentment
  • 勝利しょうり
    victory, triumph, win, conquest, success
  • 決勝けっしょう
    decision of a contest, finals (in sports)
  • 勝るまさる
    to excel, to surpass, to exceed, to have an edge, to be superior, to outrival, to outweigh, to preponderate
  • 勝負しょうぶ
    victory or defeat, match, contest, game, bout
  • 連勝れんしょう
    consecutive victories, series of victories, winning streak
  • 勝ちかち
    win, victory
  • 準決勝じゅんけっしょう
  • 勝ち越しかちこし
    having more wins than losses, taking the lead (in points, goals, etc.)
  • 勝敗しょうはい
    victory or defeat, outcome (of a game, battle, etc.)
  • 勝訴しょうそ
    winning a (legal) case, victory (in a legal case)
  • 勝者しょうしゃ
    winner, victor
  • 勝手かって
    one's own convenience, one's way, selfishness, surroundings, environment, way of doing things, convenience, ease of use, financial circumstances, living, livelihood, kitchen, right hand (in archery), hand that pulls the bowstring, unauthorised (e.g. phone app, WWW site), unofficial
  • 必勝ひっしょう
    certain victory
  • 勝つかつ
    to win, to gain victory
  • 景勝けいしょう
    picturesque scenery, place of scenic beauty, advantageous position, strategic location
  • 辛勝しんしょう
    narrow victory
  • 殊勝しゅしょう
    admirable, laudable