12 strokes

location, place



Common words

  • 場所ばしょ
    place, location, spot, position, room, space, basho, wrestling tournament
  • 立場たちば
    position, situation, viewpoint, standpoint, point of view
  • 市場いちば
    (town) market, (street) market, marketplace
  • 現場げんば
    actual spot, scene (of a crime, accident, etc.), (on) site, (on) the ground, (in) the field, job site, filming location, (movie) set
  • 工場こうじょう
    factory, plant, mill, workshop
  • 会場かいじょう
    assembly hall, meeting place, venue, site, grounds
  • 劇場げきじょう
    theatre, theater, playhouse
  • 出場しゅつじょう
    (stage) appearance, performance, participation (e.g. in a tournament), exit, exiting
  • 場面ばめん
    scene, setting, place (where something happens), scenario, case, scene (in a movie, play), shot, state of the market
  • 相場そうば
    market price, speculation (e.g. on stocks), reputation (according to conventional wisdom), estimation, esteem
  • 職場しょくば
    one's post, place of work, workplace
  • 入場にゅうじょう
    entrance, admission, entering
  • 球場きゅうじょう
    baseball stadium, ballpark
  • 広場ひろば
    public square, square, plaza, piazza, forum, open space, clearing
  • 駐車場ちゅうしゃじょう
    parking lot, car park, carpark, parking garage
  • 登場とうじょう
    entry (on stage), appearance (on screen), entrance, introduction (into a market)
  • 売り場うりば
    selling area, counter, section, department, sales floor, favorable time to sell, good time to sell
  • 場合ばあい
    case, occasion, situation, circumstances
  • 戦場せんじょう
    battlefield, battleground
  • 農場のうじょう
    farm (agriculture)