5 strokes




Common words

  • 外国人がいこくじん
    foreigner, foreign citizen, foreign national, alien, non-Japanese
  • 外務省がいむしょう
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 海外かいがい
    foreign, abroad, overseas
  • 外国がいこく
    foreign country
  • 外交がいこう
    diplomacy, selling (e.g. door-to-door), canvassing
  • 外相がいしょう
    Foreign Minister
  • 外務がいむ
    foreign affairs
  • 内外ないがい
    inside and outside, interior and exterior, inside and outside the country, home and abroad, domestic and foreign, around, about, approximately
  • 郊外こうがい
    suburb, residential area on the outskirt of a city, commuter belt
  • 意外いがい
    unexpected, surprising
  • 例外れいがい
  • 外貨がいか
    foreign currency, foreign money, foreign exchange, foreign goods, imported goods
  • 国外こくがい
    outside the country, abroad
  • 外部がいぶ
    outside (e.g. of a building), exterior, outside (of a group, company, etc.), outside world
  • 外科げか
    surgery (branch of medicine), department of surgery
  • 外交官がいこうかん
  • 外国語がいこくご
    foreign language
  • 外食がいしょく
    eating out, dining out
  • 外出がいしゅつ
    going out, outing, leaving (one's home, office, etc.)
  • 野外やがい
    outdoors, outside, open air, fields, outskirts, suburbs