3 strokes

child, sign of the rat, 11PM-1AM, first sign of Chinese zodiac



Common words

  • child, kid, teenager, youngster, young (non-adult) person, (one's) child, offspring, young woman, young (animal), offshoot, interest, new share, player who is not a dealer, young geisha, young prostitute, bird egg, -er (often of young women)
  • 男子だんし
    boy, man, male
  • 子供こども
    child, children
  • 女子じょし
    woman, girl
  • 様子ようす
    state (of affairs), situation, circumstances, appearance, look(s), air, manner, behaviour, demeanor, sign, indication
  • 原子力げんしりょく
    atomic energy, nuclear power
  • 息子むすこ
    son, penis
  • 皇太子こうたいし
    crown prince
  • 親子おやこ
    parent and child
  • 調子ちょうし
    tune, tone, key, pitch, time, rhythm, vein, mood, way, manner, style, knack, condition, state of health, shape, impetus, spur of the moment, strain, trend
  • 女の子おんなのこ
    girl, daughter, baby girl, young woman
  • 原子炉げんしろ
    atomic reactor, nuclear reactor
  • 男の子おとこのこ
    boy, son, baby boy, young man
  • 王子おうじ
    prince, subordinate Kumano shrine
  • 菓子かし
    confectionery, sweets, candy, cake
  • 骨子こっし
    main point, gist, essentials, bones (e.g. of an idea), pith
  • 母子ぼし
    mother and child
  • 利子りし
    interest (on a loan, deposit, etc.)
  • 分子ぶんし
    numerator, molecule, member, element
  • 帽子ぼうし
    hat, cap