11 strokes

draw near, stop in, bring near, gather, collect, send, forward



Common words

  • 寄付きふ
    contribution, donation
  • 年寄りとしより
    old person, elderly person, senior citizen, trustee of the Japan Sumo Association, retired high-ranking wrestler who is licensed to coach and receives retirement pay, senior statesman (of the Tokugawa shogunate), important local official (under the Tokugawa Shogunate)
  • 寄せるよせる
    to come near, to let someone approach, to bring near, to bring together, to collect, to gather, to deliver (opinion, news, etc.), to send (e.g. a letter), to contribute, to donate, to let someone drop by, to add (numbers), to have feelings for (love, goodwill, trust, etc.), to rely upon for a time, to depend on, to use as a pretext, to put aside, to press, to push, to force, to include, to welcome (in a group), to let in
  • 寄贈きぞう
    donation, presentation, gift
  • 立ち寄るたちよる
    to drop in (at), to drop by, to call at, to stop by, to stop off, to stop in
  • 歩み寄るあゆみよる
    to compromise, to meet halfway, to step up to, to walk up to, to approach
  • 身寄りみより
    relative, relation
  • 寄宿舎きしゅくしゃ
    boarding house, residence hall, dormitory
  • 寄生きせい
  • 寄せ集めよせあつめ
    mishmash, miscellany, medley, jumble, mixture, odds and ends
  • 取り寄せるとりよせる
    to order, to send away for, to have (something) sent to one, to pull (something) closer
  • 寄るよる
    to approach, to draw near, to come near, to be close to, to gather (in one place), to come together, to meet, to stop by (while on one's way to another place), to drop by, to make a short visit, to grow old, to grow high (number, etc.), to grow (wrinkly), to lean against, to recline on, to push one's opponent while holding their belt, to decide on a price and come to a deal, to be swayed by (a person), to yield to
  • 寄り道よりみち
    dropping in on the way, stopping off at, making a side trip, going the long way round, making a detour