10 strokes

leader, commander, general, admiral, or, and again, soon, from now on, just about



Common words

  • 将来しょうらい
    future, (future) prospects, bringing (from abroad, another region, etc.), bringing about, giving rise to, causing, incurring
  • 将棋しょうぎ
    shogi, Japanese chess
  • 将軍しょうぐん
    general, shogun
  • 主将しゅしょう
    commander-in-chief, supreme commander, captain (of a team)
  • 将校しょうこう
    commissioned officer
  • 大将たいしょう
    general, admiral, head, chief, leader, boss, kingpin, old chap, mate, boss, chief, man, athlete who competes in the last match of a team competition (kendo, judo, etc.)
  • 将棋倒ししょうぎだおし
    falling down one after another (like dominoes), toppling shogi pieces (lined up in a row)