10 strokes

homecoming, arrive at, lead to, result in



Common words

  • 帰国きこく
    return to one's country, return to one's hometown
  • 復帰ふっき
    return, reversion, comeback, reinstatement, carriage return
  • 帰りかえり
    return, coming back
  • 帰還きかん
    return (home), repatriation, feedback (in an electronic circuit, biological system, etc.)
  • 帰宅きたく
    returning home, going home, coming home, getting home
  • 回帰かいき
    return (to), revolution, recurrence, regression
  • 日帰りひがえり
    day trip
  • 帰省きせい
    homecoming, returning home
  • 帰途きと
    on the way back, returning
  • 帰化きか
    naturalization, naturalisation
  • 帰京ききょう
    returning (home) to Tokyo, returning to the capital
  • 帰路きろ
    one's way back, one's way home
  • 帰るかえる
    to return, to come home, to go home, to go back, to leave (of a guest, customer, etc.), to get home, to get to home plate
  • 帰すかえす
    to send (someone) back, to send (someone) home
  • 帰依きえ
    becoming a devout believer, (religious) conversion