5 strokes

valve, petal, braid, speech, dialect, discrimination, dispose of, distinguish, conical cap



Common words

  • 弁護士べんごし
    lawyer, attorney
  • 答弁とうべん
    response, reply, answer, defence, defense
  • 弁護べんご
    defense, defence, pleading, advocacy
  • 弁当べんとう
    bento, Japanese box lunch
  • べん
    speech, tongue, talk, eloquence, dialect, brogue, accent, bento, Japanese box lunch, petal, valve, Oversight Department, division of the daijokan under the ritsuryō system responsible for controlling central and provincial governmental offices
  • 弁論べんろん
    discussion, debate, argument
  • 弁明べんめい
    explanation, excuse, clarification, vindication, apology
  • 雄弁ゆうべん
    eloquence, fluency (of speech)
  • 弁解べんかい
    explanation (e.g. for one's actions), excuse, justification, defense, defence
  • 駅弁えきべん
    boxed lunch bought at a station (often a local specialty), sexual position in which one person stands supporting the other
  • 代弁だいべん
    speaking by proxy, speaking for (someone else), acting as spokesman (for), representing (the views, feelings, etc. of), payment by proxy, compensation by proxy, paying on behalf (of), acting for (someone else), carrying out (on someone's behalf)
  • 弁舌べんぜつ
    speech, eloquence, manner of speaking, manner of expression
  • 弁済べんさい
    repayment, settlement (of a debt), paying off, reimbursement (of expenses)
  • 弁償べんしょう
    compensation, indemnification, reparation, restitution, recompense
  • 勘弁かんべん
    pardon, forgiveness, forbearance