5 strokes

end, close, tip, powder, posterity



Common words

  • すえ
    end, tip, top, end (of the year, month, etc.), close, youngest child, descendants, offspring, posterity, future, (finally) after, (at last) after, at the end of, trifles, trivialities, degenerate age
  • 年末ねんまつ
  • 末期まっき
    last years, closing years, last days, closing days, end, last stage, final stages, terminal stage (of a disease)
  • 週末しゅうまつ
  • 末端まったん
    end, tip, extremities, terminal
  • 月末げつまつ
    end of the month
  • 始末しまつ
    management, dealing with, settlement, cleaning up, disposal, course of events, circumstances, particulars, end result (usu. bad), outcome, economizing, economising, frugality, being thrifty
  • 結末けつまつ
    end, conclusion
  • 粉末ふんまつ
    fine powder
  • 粗末そまつ
    crude, rough, plain, humble, shabby, poor-quality, low-quality
  • 後始末あとしまつ
    settlement (of a matter), sorting out, winding up (affairs), dealing with the aftermath, cleaning up afterwards, tidying up (when finished)
  • 期末きまつ
    end of term
  • 末日まつじつ
    last day (of a month)
  • 末っ子すえっこ
    youngest child
  • 歳末さいまつ
    year end
  • 末尾まつび
    end (e.g. of report, document, paragraph, etc.)
  • 不始末ふしまつ
    omission, failure, incompleteness, irregularity, mismanagement, misconduct, malpractice, carelessness, wastefulness, extravagance