9 strokes

design, pattern, build, nature, character, handle, crank, grip, knob, shaft



Common words

  • 銘柄めいがら
    brand, make, description, trading name of stocks and securities
  • がら
    pattern, design, body build, figure, physique, essential qualities, character, nature, appropriate to, fitting of, suitable for
  • 人柄ひとがら
    personality, character, personal appearance, gentility
  • 身柄みがら
    one's person
  • 事柄ことがら
    matter, thing, affair, circumstance
  • 手柄てがら
    achievement, feat, meritorious deed, distinguished service
  • 家柄いえがら
    social standing of a family, lineage, parentage, pedigree, good family
  • 横柄おうへい
    arrogant, haughty, insolent