9 strokes

grade, steps, stairs



Common words

  • 段階だんかい
    stage, step, phase, level, rank, grade, gradation, order, stairs
  • 手段しゅだん
    means, way, measure
  • 値段ねだん
    price, cost
  • 一段いちだん
    even more, still more, much more, further, one step, one rung, one level, one grade, one rank, one paragraph, one passage, ichidan (verb, verb conjugation)
  • 階段かいだん
    stairs, stairway, staircase
  • 普段ふだん
    usual, normal, everyday, habitual, ordinary, usually, normally, generally, habitually, always
  • 段取りだんどり
    programme, program, plans, arrangements
  • 一段落いちだんらく
    reaching a stopping place, settling down (before the next stage), getting to a point where one can rest, completing the first stage (of the work), one paragraph
  • だん
    step, stair, rung, (flight of) steps, shelf, layer, tier, grade, level, class, dan (degree of advanced proficiency in martial arts, go, shogi, etc.), rank, paragraph, passage, column (of print), act (in kabuki, joruri, etc.), section, scene, row of the multiplication table (e.g. five times table), stage (in a process), phase, occasion, time, moment, situation, matter, occasion, degree, extent, counter for breaks in written language or speech
  • 普段着ふだんぎ
    everyday clothes, ordinary clothes, casual wear, informal dress
  • 石段いしだん
    (flight of) stone steps, stone stairway
  • 段々だんだん
    gradually, by degrees, little by little, more and more, increasingly, steps, stairs, staircase, terrace