9 strokes

grade, steps, stairs



Common words

  • 段階だんかい
    stage, step, phase, level, rank, grade, gradation, order, stairs
  • 手段しゅだん
    means, way, measure
  • 値段ねだん
    price, cost
  • 一段いちだん
    even more, still more, much more, further, one step, one rung, one level, one grade, one rank, one paragraph, one passage, ichidan (verb, verb conjugation)
  • 普段ふだん
    usual, normal, everyday, habitual, ordinary, usually, normally, generally, habitually, always
  • 階段かいだん
    stairs, stairway, staircase
  • 段取りだんどり
    programme, program, plans, arrangements
  • 一段落いちだんらく
    reaching a stopping place, settling down (before the next stage), getting to a point where one can rest, completing the first stage (of the work), one paragraph
  • 普段着ふだんぎ
    everyday clothes, ordinary clothes, casual wear, informal dress
  • 石段いしだん
    (flight of) stone steps, stone stairway
  • 段々だんだん
    gradually, by degrees, little by little, more and more, increasingly, steps, stairs, staircase, terrace