5 strokes

stand up, rise, set up, erect



Common words

  • 立場たちば
    position, situation, viewpoint, standpoint, point of view
  • 対立たいりつ
    confrontation, opposition, antagonism
  • 国立こくりつ
    national, founded and run by the central government
  • 独立どくりつ
    independence, self-reliance, supporting oneself, being on one's own, independence (e.g. of a nation), freedom, separation, isolation
  • 成立せいりつ
    formation, establishment, materialization, coming into existence, conclusion (e.g. of a deal), reaching (e.g. an agreement), approval, completion, closing, enacting, arrangement, being valid (of a theory, argument, etc.), holding, applying
  • 設立せつりつ
    establishment, founding, incorporation (of a business)
  • 私立しりつ
    private (establishment)
  • 確立かくりつ
    establishment, settlement
  • 立法りっぽう
    legislation, lawmaking
  • 市立しりつ
    municipal, city
  • 立候補りっこうほ
    candidacy, standing as a candidate, bidding (to host an event, e.g. the Olympics)
  • 県立けんりつ
    prefectural, managed by a prefectural government
  • 樹立じゅりつ
    establishment, founding, setting (a record)
  • 公立こうりつ
    public (institution)
  • 擁立ようりつ
    backing (for a position), giving support to, helping (someone) to a position
  • 立派りっぱ
    splendid, fine, handsome, elegant, imposing, prominent, impressive, praiseworthy, creditable, worthy, legal, legitimate, lawful, undeniable (e.g. crime), indisputable, solid
  • 中立ちゅうりつ
  • 創立そうりつ
    establishment, founding, organization, organisation
  • 自立じりつ
    independence, self-reliance
  • 都立とりつ
    metropolitan, managed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government