13 strokes

placement, put, set, deposit, leave behind, keep, employ, pawn



Common words

  • 措置そち
    measure, step, action
  • 設置せっち
    establishment, institution, installation (of a machine or equipment)
  • 装置そうち
    equipment, device, installation, apparatus, stage setting
  • 位置いち
    place, position, location, position, standing, status, situation
  • 配置はいち
    arrangement (of resources), deployment, stationing, posting, disposition, configuration, layout
  • 処置しょち
    measure, step, dealing with, medical treatment
  • 拘置こうち
    detention, confinement, arrest
  • 据え置きすえおき
    deferment (e.g. of savings), leaving (a thing) as it stands, unredeemed, unredeemable, irredeemable, deferred, stationary
  • 拘置所こうちしょ
    prison, detention house, detention center, jail
  • 放置ほうち
    leaving as is, leaving alone, leaving to chance, neglecting, abandoning
  • 物置ものおき
    storage room, storeroom, lumber room
  • 置物おきもの
    ornament, decorative object, object placed in a tokonoma, figurehead, leader without real power
  • 前置きまえおき
    preface, introduction, preamble