6 strokes

consider, think over



Common words

  • 考えかんがえ
    thinking, thought, view, opinion, concept, idea, notion, imagination, intention, plan, design, consideration, judgement, deliberation, reflection, wish, hope, expectation
  • 考え方かんがえかた
    way of thinking
  • 参考さんこう
    reference, consultation
  • 思考しこう
    thought, consideration, thinking
  • 考えるかんがえる
    to think (about, of), to think over, to ponder, to contemplate, to reflect (on), to meditate (on), to consider, to bear in mind, to allow for, to take into consideration, to think (that), to believe, to hold (a view), to judge, to conclude, to suspect, to intend (to do), to think of (doing), to plan, to predict, to anticipate, to expect, to imagine, to come up with, to think up, to contrive, to devise, to consider (as), to regard (as), to look on (as), to take, to view
  • 考古学こうこがく
    archaeology, archeology
  • 考慮こうりょ
    consideration, taking into account
  • 考察こうさつ
    consideration, inquiry, enquiry, investigation, study
  • 考証こうしょう
    investigation into historical evidence, study of historical artifacts
  • 考案こうあん
    plan, device, idea, design, contrivance, conception, invention