8 strokes

surface, table, chart, diagram



Common words

  • 代表だいひょう
    representation, representative, delegate, delegation, exemplification, typification, being representative of, being typical of, representative example, exemplar, model, leader, switchboard number, main number
  • 表現ひょうげん
    expression, representation, description, representation (of a group)
  • 表情ひょうじょう
    facial expression, countenance, look, appearance, expression (vocal, etc.)
  • 発表はっぴょう
    announcement, publication, presenting, statement, communique, making known, breaking (news story), expressing (one's opinion), releasing, unveiling
  • 表面ひょうめん
    surface, face, outside, exterior, appearances, superficiality
  • 公表こうひょう
    official announcement, proclamation
  • 表彰ひょうしょう
    (official) commendation, public recognition (of someone's achievements, good deeds, etc.), awarding, honouring
  • 辞表じひょう
    letter of resignation
  • 表紙ひょうし
    cover (of a book, magazine, etc.), binding, to appear on the cover of a magazine
  • 表記ひょうき
    expression in writing, written representation, notation, transcription, orthography, writing on the surface (e.g. an address on an envelope), inscribing on the face
  • 代表的だいひょうてき
    representative, exemplary, model
  • 一覧表いちらんひょう
    list, table, schedule, catalogue, catalog
  • 表題ひょうだい
    title, index, heading, headline, caption
  • 表裏ひょうり
    front and back, inside and outside, two sides, both sides, duplicity, double-dealing, being two-faced
  • 年表ねんぴょう
    chronological table
  • 図表ずひょう
    chart, diagram, graph, figure
  • 裏表うらおもて
    back and front, inside and outside, both sides, inside out (e.g. clothing), double-dealing, two faces (cf. two-faced), outward appearance and actual condition, inner workings
  • 表すあらわす
    to represent, to signify, to stand for, to reveal, to show, to display, to express, to make widely known
  • 表通りおもてどおり
    main street (as opposed to a side street), high street
  • 表札ひょうさつ
    nameplate, doorplate