7 strokes




Common words

  • 走るはしる
    to run, to run (of a vehicle), to drive, to travel, to move, to sail, to rush (to), to dash, to race, to retreat, to flee, to defect (to), to run away, to abscond, to elope, to flash (of lightning), to streak, to shoot (through; e.g. of pain), to run (through), to flare, to flit (e.g. across one's face), to spread quickly (of news, shock, etc.), to go (e.g. bad, to extremes), to become, to turn, to take to (e.g. crime), to get carried away by (e.g. one's emotions), to get involved in, to get wrapped up in, to run (through; of a road, street, etc.), to extend (e.g. of a mountain range), to stretch, to lie
  • 競走きょうそう
    race, run, dash, sprint
  • 逃走とうそう
    flight, desertion, escape
  • 師走しわす
    twelfth month (esp. of the lunar calendar), December
  • 脱走だっそう
    escape, flight, breakout, fleeing, desertion
  • 走り高跳びはしりたかとび
    running high jump
  • 帆走はんそう
  • 疾走しっそう
    sprint, dash, scampering
  • 走り回るはしりまわる
    to run around
  • 口走るくちばしる
    to blurt out, to let slip, to say inadvertently, to come out with (e.g. nonsense)
  • 走り書きはしりがき
    scribbling, scrawl, hasty writing
  • 奔走ほんそう
    running about, making every effort (to do), busying oneself (with), being busily engaged (in), good offices, efforts