11 strokes

revolve, turn around, change



Common words

  • 運転うんてん
    operation (of a machine), running, working, driving (a vehicle), use (of capital, funds, etc.), management, investment
  • 逆転ぎゃくてん
    reversal (of a situation), turnaround, turnabout, turning the tables, sudden change, reversal (of direction of rotation)
  • 移転いてん
    moving, relocation, change of address, transfer (of deeds, property, etc.), demise
  • 自転車じてんしゃ
    bicycle, bike
  • 運転手うんてんしゅ
    driver, chauffeur
  • 回転かいてん
    rotation, revolution, turn, spin, working (e.g. of one's mind), function, turnover (of goods, funds, etc.), circulation, flow (of customers), rotation, curl, slalom
  • 転々てんてん
    moving from place to place, being passed around repeatedly, rolling about
  • 好転こうてん
    changing for the better
  • 空転くうてん
    racing (of an engine), idling, going in circles (of an argument, discussion, etc.), spinning one's wheels, going nowhere
  • 試運転しうんてん
    trial run, test run
  • 転ぶころぶ
    to fall down, to fall over, to turn out, to play out, to abandon Christianity (and convert to Buddhism), to apostatize, to roll, to tumble, (for a geisha) to prostitute (herself) in secret
  • 寝転ぶねころぶ
    to lie down, to throw oneself down