7 strokes

near, early, akin, tantamount



Common words

  • 最近さいきん
    recently, lately, these days, nowadays, right now, nearest, closest
  • 付近ふきん
    neighborhood, neighbourhood, vicinity, environs, surrounding area, district
  • 接近せっきん
    getting closer, drawing nearer, approaching, being not much different, being near (age, skill, etc.), becoming close (i.e. friendly), becoming intimate
  • 間近まぢか
    near, close (to), nearby, (drawing) near, approaching, almost here, just around the corner
  • 近々ちかぢか
    soon, before long, shortly, in the near future, close (by), near, nearby
  • 身近みぢか
    near oneself, close to one, familiar
  • 近道ちかみち
    shorter way, shortcut
  • 遠近法えんきんほう