9 strokes

escort, send



Common words

  • 放送ほうそう
    broadcasting, broadcast, program, announcement
  • 輸送ゆそう
    transport, transportation
  • 送るおくる
    to send (a thing), to dispatch, to despatch, to transmit, to take or escort (a person somewhere), to see off (a person), to bid farewell (to the departed), to bury, to spend (time), to live one's life, to pass (down the line), to affix okurigana
  • 運送うんそう
    transport, freight, shipping, moving (goods)
  • 見送るみおくる
    to see someone off (at a station, an airport, etc.), to escort (e.g. home), to follow something with one's eyes until it is out of sight, to let pass, to pass up (an opportunity etc.), to let a pitch go by (baseball), to watch a batted ball go into the stands, to shelve (a plan, deliberation on a bill, etc.), to postpone, to have someone related or close to you die, to bury someone, to take care of someone until he dies, to wait and see, to continue (e.g. in legal contexts)
  • 見送りみおくり
    seeing (someone) off, send-off, deferment, postponement, shelving, letting a pitch go by, wait-and-see attitude
  • 送金そうきん
    remittance, sending money
  • 郵送ゆうそう
    mailing, posting
  • 送料そうりょう
    postage, carriage, shipping charge
  • 送信そうしん
    transmission, sending
  • 送付そうふ
    sending, forwarding, remitting
  • 搬送はんそう
    transportation, conveyance, delivery, hospitalization, transfer to hospital
  • 送迎そうげい
    seeing off and meeting on return
  • 仕送りしおくり
    allowance, remittance, sending (someone) an allowance
  • 発送はっそう
    sending, forwarding, shipping
  • 送別そうべつ
    farewell, send-off
  • 回送かいそう
    forwarding, sending on, redirecting (e.g. mail), deadheading (e.g. train), (train) returning to the station
  • 送り返すおくりかえす
    to send back