13 strokes

distant, far



Common words

  • 永遠えいえん
    eternity, perpetuity, permanence, immortality
  • 遠征えんせい
    expedition, (military) campaign, tour (by a sports team, performer, etc.), visit
  • 望遠鏡ぼうえんきょう
  • 遠隔えんかく
    distant, remote, isolated
  • 敬遠けいえん
    pretending to respect (someone) while in fact staying distant, keeping at arm's length, giving a wide berth, avoiding (something unpleasant), shying away from, giving (the batter) an "intentional walk"
  • 遠慮えんりょ
    reserve, constraint, restraint, modesty, diffidence, hesitation, holding back, discretion, tact, thoughtfulness, declining, refraining, forethought, foresight
  • 疎遠そえん
    estrangement, alienation, neglecting to stay in contact
  • 遠距離えんきょり
    long distance, tele-
  • 遠足えんそく
    school trip, field trip, excursion, outing, long walk, excursion (on foot)
  • 遠方えんぽう
    long way, distant place
  • 遠心力えんしんりょく
    centrifugal force
  • 待ち遠しいまちどおしい
    longed-for, anxiously awaited
  • 遠ざかるとおざかる
    to go away, to become more distant, to fade away, to die away, to be estranged
  • 遠いとおい
    far, distant, far away, a long way off, in the distance, distant (past), remote (in time), remote, far-removed (in time), distant (relationship or kinship), having little to do (with someone), far (from something else in quality, degree, etc.), not similar, way off, hard (of hearing), nearsighted
  • 遠近法えんきんほう
  • 遠泳えんえい
    long-distance swimming
  • 遠浅とおあさ
    shoal, wide shallow beach