9 strokes

fly, skip (pages), scatter



Common words

  • 飛行ひこう
    aviation, flight, flying, to fly, to take a flight
  • 飛行機ひこうき
    airplane, aeroplane, plane, aircraft
  • 飛躍ひやく
    leap, jump, stepping out into the wider world, becoming active on a wider stage, playing an active part (in), rapid progress, dramatic development, making great strides, making a leap forward, leap (of logic), jump, gap (in an argument)
  • 宇宙飛行士うちゅうひこうし
  • 飛び出すとびだす
    to jump out, to rush out, to fly out, to appear (suddenly), to protrude, to project, to butt in, to run away (e.g. from home), to break away, to cut ties with (e.g. workplace)
  • 飛行場ひこうじょう
    airfield, airport
  • 飛び火とびひ
    leaping flames, flying sparks, spread of fire (due to leaping flames), repercussions in unanticipated areas, spilling over, effects of an incident spreading to those seemingly uninvolved, impetigo contagiosa
  • 飛ばすとばす
    to let fly, to make fly, to send flying, to blow off (e.g. in the wind), to launch, to fire, to hurl, to shoot, to skip over, to leave out, to omit, to drop (e.g. a stitch), to run fast, to drive fast, to gallop, to spray, to splash, to spatter, to say without reservation, to call out (e.g. a jeer), to rattle off (e.g. a joke), to spread (e.g. a rumour), to circulate, to send out (a message), to issue (e.g. an appeal), to transfer (to a less important post), to send away (e.g. to a provincial branch), to demote, to dispatch quickly (e.g. a reporter), to get rid of, to burn off (alcohol), to attack (e.g. with a leg manoeuvre), to do vigorously, to do roughly, to do energetically
  • 吹き飛ぶふきとぶ
    to be blown off, to blow off, to blow away, to vanish, to disappear
  • 飛び込むとびこむ
    to jump in, to leap in, to plunge into, to dive, to burst in, to barge in