14 strokes

chirp, cry, bark, sound, ring, echo, honk



Common words

  • 悲鳴ひめい
    shriek, scream
  • 鳴き声なきごえ
    cry (esp. animal), roar, chirp, tweet, bark, whine, meow
  • 共鳴きょうめい
    resonance, sympathy (with a view, idea, etc.)
  • 怒鳴るどなる
    to shout (in anger), to yell
  • 鳴らすならす
    to ring, to sound, to chime, to beat, to snort (nose), to snap (fingers), to crack (joints), to be popular, to be esteemed, to be reputed, to state, to insist, to complain, to fart (loudly)
  • 雷鳴らいめい
    thunder, thunderclap, crash of thunder
  • 鳴るなる
    to sound, to ring, to resound, to echo, to roar, to rumble