3 strokes

above, up



Common words

  • 史上しじょう
    in history, ever, historical
  • 上昇じょうしょう
    rising, ascending, climbing
  • 向上こうじょう
    elevation, rise, improvement, advancement, progress
  • 売り上げうりあげ
    amount sold, sales, proceeds, takings, turnover
  • 値上げねあげ
    price increase, rise in price, wage increase
  • 地上ちじょう
    above ground, on the ground, earth's surface, this world, this earth
  • 引き上げひきあげ
    pulling up, drawing up, salvage, re-flotation, raising, increase, upward revision, repatriation, evacuation
  • 途上国とじょうこく
    developing country
  • 上位じょうい
    superior (in rank), top, ranking, higher order (e.g. byte), host computer (of connected device)
  • 海上かいじょう
    on the sea, surface of the sea
  • 路上ろじょう
    on the road, on the street, in the street, on the way
  • 上下じょうげ
    top and bottom, high and low, above and below, upper and lower ends, up and down, going up and down, rising and falling, fluctuating, going and coming back, upper and lower classes, ruler and ruled, the government and the people, first and second volumes
  • 陸上りくじょう
    (on) land, ground, shore, track-and-field events
  • 賃上げちんあげ
    wage increase, pay rise
  • 上空じょうくう
    sky, the skies, high-altitude sky, upper air
  • 上司じょうし
    (one's) superior, (one's) boss, the higher-ups
  • 席上せきじょう
    at the meeting, on the occasion
  • 上演じょうえん
    performance (of a play, opera, etc.), staging, presentation
  • 上映じょうえい
    screening (a movie), showing
  • 上がりあがり
    rise, increase, ascent, income, takings, earnings, proceeds, (crop) yield, return, profit, completion, end, finish, end result (e.g. of crafts), how something comes out, finish, finishing (in a board or card game, etc.), green tea (esp. in a sushi restaurant), after (rain, illness, etc.), ex- (e.g. ex-bureaucrat), former