9 strokes

ride, power, multiplication, record, counter for vehicles, board, mount, join



Common words

  • 乗用車じょうようしゃ
    (passenger) car, automobile
  • 乗客じょうきゃく
  • 乗組員のりくみいん
    crew (of a ship, airplane, etc.), crew member
  • 乗せるのせる
    to place on (something), to give (someone) a ride, to give a lift, to pick up, to help on board, to load (luggage), to carry, to take on board, to send out (on the airwaves, etc.), to deceive, to take for a ride, to (sing) along with (musical accompaniment), to let (someone) take part, to excite (someone), to publish (an article), to run (an ad)
  • 搭乗とうじょう
    embarkation, boarding (a ship or aircraft)
  • 乗車じょうしゃ
    boarding (a train, bus, etc.), getting into (e.g. a taxi)
  • 乗り越えるのりこえる
    to climb over, to get over, to cross (a mountain), to overcome (a difficulty, obstacle, etc.), to surmount, to get through (an illness, crisis, etc.), to get over (e.g. one's pain), to surpass (a predecessor), to overtake
  • 乗り物のりもの
    vehicle, conveyance, transport, ride (playground, fair, carnival), playground facility
  • 乗り換えのりかえ
    transfer (trains, buses, etc.), change, connection, switch (to another ideology, party, system, method, etc.), change, conversion, switching (stock), chromosomal crossover, crossing over
  • 乗るのる
    to get on (train, plane, bus, ship, etc.), to get in, to board, to take, to embark, to get on (e.g. a footstool), to step on, to jump on, to sit on, to mount, to reach, to go over, to pass, to follow, to stay (on track), to go with (the times, etc.), to take part, to participate, to join, to get into the swing (and sing, dance, etc.), to be deceived, to be taken in, to be carried, to be spread, to be scattered, to stick, to attach, to take, to go on
  • 乗り換えるのりかえる
    to transfer (trains), to change (bus, train), to change (to another ideology, party, company, etc.), to switch (to a different system, method, etc.), to move on to (e.g. a new love interest)
  • 乗り気のりき
    interest, eagerness, enthusiasm
  • 便乗びんじょう
    taking advantage of (an opportunity), jumping on the bandwagon, taking passage (in), getting a lift, getting a ride
  • 乗車券じょうしゃけん
    ticket (for bus, train, etc.), passenger ticket, basic fare ticket (not valid on limited express trains without a supplemental express ticket)
  • 乗っ取るのっとる
    to take over, to capture, to seize, to commandeer, to occupy, to usurp, to hijack (vehicle, account, etc.)
  • 乗り降りのりおり
    getting on and off (a vehicle), boarding and alighting
  • 乗り場のりば
    place for boarding vehicles, bus stop, bus terminal, railway platform, taxi stand, jetty, wharf
  • 乗じるじょうじる
    to take advantage of, to follow blindly, to multiply
  • 乗り出すのりだす
    to set out, to set sail, to embark on (a new venture), to set out (to achieve something), to begin to ride, to lean forward
  • 乗り回すのりまわす
    to drive (a car) around, to ride (a bicycle) around