5 strokes

exit, leave, go out, come out, put out, protrude



Common words

  • 輸出ゆしゅつ
    export, exportation, efferent
  • 出身しゅっしん
    one's origin (e.g. city, country, parentage, school)
  • 出場しゅつじょう
    (stage) appearance, performance, participation (e.g. in a tournament), exit, exiting
  • 進出しんしゅつ
    advance (into a new market, industry, etc.), expansion (into), launch (into), entering, making inroads (into), advance (to the next round of a competition)
  • 出演しゅつえん
    appearance (in a film, play, TV show, etc.), performance
  • 出すだす
    to take out, to get out, to put out, to reveal, to show, to submit (e.g. thesis), to turn in, to publish, to make public, to send (e.g. letter), to produce (a sound), to start (fire), to serve (food), ... out (e.g. to jump out, to carry out), to begin ..., to start to ..., to burst into ...
  • 出席しゅっせき
    attendance, presence, appearance
  • 出版しゅっぱん
  • 演出えんしゅつ
    direction (of a play, film, etc.), production, organization (of an event), arrangement, staging (for effect), orchestration
  • 提出ていしゅつ
    presentation (of documents), submission (of an application, report, etc.), production (e.g. of evidence), introduction (e.g. of a bill), filing, turning in
  • 支出ししゅつ
    expenditure, disbursement, expenses
  • 出発しゅっぱつ
    departure, leaving, setting off
  • 選出せんしゅつ
    election, selection, choice
  • 出版社しゅっぱんしゃ
    publisher, publishing house, publishing company
  • 出産しゅっさん
    childbirth, (giving) birth, delivery, parturition, confinement, production (of goods)
  • 出荷しゅっか
    shipping, shipment, forwarding, sending (goods), delivery
  • 出来事できごと
    incident, affair, happening, event
  • 思い出おもいで
    memories, recollections, reminiscence
  • 出生しゅっしょう
  • 出張しゅっちょう
    business trip, official trip