9 strokes

behind, back, later



Common words

  • 今後こんご
    from now on, hereafter
  • あと
    behind, rear, after, later, remainder, the rest, more (e.g. five more minutes), left, also, in addition, descendant, successor, heir, after one's death, past, previous
  • 午後ごご
    afternoon, p.m.
  • 最後さいご
    end, conclusion, last, final, latest, most recent, no sooner than, once, right after (often having negative consequences), one's final moments
  • 戦後せんご
    postwar period, period after Second World War
  • 後半こうはん
    second half, latter half
  • 直後ちょくご
    immediately following
  • 後援こうえん
    support, backing
  • 後任こうにん
  • 後継こうけい
    succession, successor
  • 後期こうき
    latter period, second half, late stage, third trimester, second semester
  • 前後ぜんご
    front and rear, front and back, before and behind, back and forth, before and after, around, about, approximately, order, context, consequences, just when, around the time of, inversion, reversion, getting out of order, co-occurring, happening at the same time
  • 以後いご
    after this, from now on, hereafter, thereafter, since (then), after
  • 後ろうしろ
    back, behind, rear
  • 死後しご
    after death
  • 後方こうほう
    behind, in the rear, in back
  • 後輩こうはい
    junior (at work, school, etc.), younger people, younger student
  • 老後ろうご
    old age
  • 後者こうしゃ
    the latter
  • 後ろ盾うしろだて
    backing, support, backer, supporter, patron, sponsor, shield that protects one's back