7 strokes

fold, break, fracture, bend, yield, submit



Common words

  • 折衝せっしょう
  • おり
    opportunity, chance, occasion, time, folding, fold, pleat, crease, small food box (wooden or cardboard), folding in ... (two, three, etc.), counter for folded items, counter for items (esp. food) packed in an oribako
  • 時折ときおり
    sometimes, at intervals, occasionally, on occasion, from time to time
  • 骨折こっせつ
    bone fracture
  • 折り紙おりがみ
    origami, art of paper folding, hallmark, certificate of authenticity
  • 折衷せっちゅう
    compromise, cross, blending, eclecticism
  • 折半せっぱん
    halving, splitting evenly, sharing equally
  • 折り返しおりかえし
    by return, (call or write back) without delay, lapel, cuff, turn-up, flap, going back, returning, turn (marathon, swimming, etc.), chorus, refrain, shuttle service, aliasing (in imaging), back-to-back, BTB, wrapping (text on computer screen), wrap
  • 折り返すおりかえす
    to turn up (hem, sleeves, etc.), to fold back (e.g. page), to turn back, to double back, to return, to loopback (a signal, message, etc.)
  • 屈折くっせつ
    bending, curving, twisting, turning, winding, warping (of feelings, logic, etc.), distortion, twisting, refraction, inflection
  • 折るおる
    to break, to fracture, to break off, to snap off, to pick (e.g. flowers), to fold, to bend, to make (origami), to interrupt, to end
  • 和洋折衷わようせっちゅう
    blending of Japanese and Western styles