7 strokes

slip out, extract, pull out, pilfer, quote, remove, omit



Common words

  • 抜群ばつぐん
    outstanding, excellent, exceptional, distinguished, unrivaled, surpassing (e.g. beauty), beyond compare
  • 骨抜きほねぬき
    boning (fish or meat), deboning, watering down (a plan, bill, etc.), dilution, emasculation, taking the backbone out of, weakening
  • 抜け出すぬけだす
    to slip out, to sneak away, to break free, to get through (a difficult situation), to break into the lead, to get ahead, to begin to fall out (e.g. hair), to break out (of a loop)
  • 海抜かいばつ
    height above sea level
  • 抜かるぬかる
    to make a mistake
  • 抜粋ばっすい
    extract, excerpt, selection
  • 抜かすぬかす
    to omit, to leave out, to skip, to overtake, to pass, to say, to speak