8 strokes

counter for cupfuls, wine glass, glass, toast



Common words

  • 一杯いっぱい
    one cup (of), one glass (of), one bowl (of), cupful, glassful, bowlful, spoonful, one drink (of alcohol), full, filled (with), brimming (with), crowded, packed, fully, to capacity, to the maximum, as much as possible, a lot, much, many, all of ..., the entire ..., one (squid, octopus, crab, etc.), one (boat)
  • 乾杯かんぱい
    cheers, bottoms-up, prosit, toast, drink (in honor or celebration of someone or something), drinking one's glass dry
  • 祝杯しゅくはい
    toast, congratulatory cup
  • 銀杯ぎんぱい
    silver cup