10 strokes

floating, float, rise to surface



Common words

  • 浮き彫りうきぼり
    relief, embossed carving, bringing to the fore, throwing something into relief
  • 浮世絵うきよえ
    ukiyo-e, ukiyoe, Edo-period woodblock print
  • 浮かべるうかべる
    to float, to set afloat, to launch, to show on one's face (smile, sadness, etc.), to recall, to call to mind, to imagine, to think of
  • 浮気うわき
    extramarital sex, affair, fooling around, infidelity, wantonness, unfaithfulness, inconstancy, fickleness, caprice
  • 浮かぶうかぶ
    to float, to be suspended, to rise to the surface, to appear, to emerge, to show up, to loom (up), to come to mind, to have inspiration
  • 浮浪者ふろうしゃ
    vagrant, vagabond, tramp