5 strokes

sweet, coax, pamper, be content, sugary



Common words

  • 甘いあまい
    sweet-tasting, sweet, sugary, sugared, fragrant (smelling), sweet (music), lightly salted, light in salt, not spicy, naive, overly optimistic, soft on, generous, indulgent, easy-going, lenient, half-hearted, not finished properly, insufficient, not satisfactory, inadequate, loose, mild, tempting, enticing, luring
  • 甘味料かんみりょう
    sweetener (sugar, honey, saccharin, maltose, etc.), sweetening agent, sweetening
  • 甘えるあまえる
    to behave like a spoiled child, to fawn on, to take advantage of, to presume upon (e.g. another's benevolence), to depend on
  • 甘美かんび
    sweet (taste), luscious, sweet (melody, dream, etc.), delightful, pleasant, mellow, mellifluous
  • 甘やかすあまやかす
    to pamper, to spoil
  • 甘酢あまず
    sweet vinegar
  • 甘言かんげん
    sweet words, smooth talk, cajolery, flattery, sycophancy