15 strokes

tighten, tie, shut, lock, fasten



Common words

  • 取締役とりしまりやく
    company director, board member
  • 締め切りしめきり
    deadline, closing, cut-off, end, cofferdam, closed (door, window, etc.)
  • 取り締まりとりしまり
    control, management, supervision
  • 引き締めひきしめ
  • 締め切るしめきる
    to close up, to shut up (e.g. behind doors), to cut off (e.g. because a deadline has expired), to close off (e.g. subscription list)
  • 締めるしめる
    to tie, to fasten, to tighten, to wear (necktie, belt), to put on, to total, to sum, to be strict with, to economize, to economise, to cut down on, to salt, to marinate, to pickle, to make sushi adding a mixture of vinegar and salt, to kill (fish, poultry, etc.)
  • 締め出すしめだす
    to shut out, to bar, to lock out, to exclude
  • 引き締めるひきしめる
    to tighten, to stiffen, to brace, to strain
  • 引き締まるひきしまる
    to become tense, to be tightened, to become firm (e.g. body)
  • 取り締まるとりしまる
    to manage, to control, to supervise, to oversee, to command, to crack down on, to keep under strict control, to enforce, to regulate
  • 握り締めるにぎりしめる
    to grasp tightly
  • 戸締まりとじまり
    locking up (doors and windows), fastening the doors