12 strokes

fall, drop, come down, village, hamlet



Common words

  • 落ち着いたおちついた
    calm, composed, cool, settled, fixed, established, unobtrusive, quiet, subdued, low-key (color)
  • 墜落ついらく
    fall, crash (e.g. aircraft)
  • 落ちるおちる
    to fall, to drop, to come down, to crash, to collapse, to cave in, to give way, to set (of the sun or moon), to sink, to dip, to go down, to decrease (of popularity, quality, speed, sales, etc.), to fall, to drop, to go down, to decline, to deteriorate, to abate (of wind), to be inferior (to), to be not as good (as), to fall short (of), to come off (of dirt, paint, makeup, etc.), to come out (of a stain), to fade (of colour), to be removed (of an illness, possessing spirit, etc.), to disappear (of excess fat), to become thinner, to become leaner, to be left out, to be omitted, to be missing, to fail (an exam), to lose (a contest, election, etc.), to be unsuccessful, to decline (of morals, character, etc.), to become vulgar (e.g. of a conversation), to stoop (to), to sink (so low), to be ruined, to go under, to fall (into hell), to fall (in love, asleep, etc.), to fall (into someone's hands), to be accepted (of a bid), to be won (of a tender), to be honoured (of a bill), to fall into (a trap), to fall for (a trick), to give in, to confess, to own up, to come to (a conclusion, topic, etc.), to arrive at (in the end), to leave (a city, castle, etc.), to (be defeated and) flee, to sink in, to be accepted (in one's heart), to fall (to the enemy), to be defeated, to come in (of money), to fall (upon; of light, a shadow, one's gaze, etc.), to pass out (in judo), to fall unconscious, to go down (of a website, server, etc.), to crash, to log out (of an online game, chat room, etc.), to drop out, to leave, to go offline, to move to deeper water (of a fish in cold weather), to die (of an animal)
  • 落語らくご
    rakugo, traditional Japanese comic storytelling, comic story (told by a professional storyteller)
  • 落札らくさつ
    successful bid, winning a tender
  • 暴落ぼうらく
    slump, crash, heavy fall, sudden decline
  • 落ち込むおちこむ
    to feel down, to feel sad, to be depressed, to be in low spirits, to be in a slump (business, economy, etc.), to be in an unfavourable condition, to fall into (e.g. a hole)
  • 集落しゅうらく
    settlement, village, community, town, (bacterial) colony
  • 一段落いちだんらく
    reaching a stopping place, settling down (before the next stage), getting to a point where one can rest, completing the first stage (of the work), one paragraph
  • 落ち着きおちつき
    calmness, composure, presence of mind, stability, steadiness
  • 部落ぶらく
    hamlet, subunit of village, burakumin area
  • 陥落かんらく
    subsidence, sinking, cave-in, collapse, falling in, fall (of a city, fortress, etc.), surrender, fall (in position, rank, etc.), demotion, giving in (to someone's persuasion), yielding, being convinced
  • 落とすおとす
    to drop, to lose, to let fall, to shed (light), to cast (one's gaze), to pour in (liquid), to leave behind, to clean off (dirt, makeup, paint, etc.), to remove (e.g. stains or facial hair), to lose, to spend money at a certain place, to omit, to leave out, to secretly let escape, to lose (a match), to reject (an applicant), to fail (a course), to defeat (in an election), to lower (e.g. shoulders or voice), to lessen (e.g. production or body weight), to worsen (quality), to reduce (e.g. rank or popularity), to speak badly of, to make light of, to fall into straitened circumstances, to fall into (e.g. a dilemma or sin), to make one's own, to have one's bid accepted, to force surrender, to take (e.g. an enemy camp or castle), to forcefully convince, to press for a confession, to deal with, to download, to copy from a computer to another medium, to make someone swoon (judo), to finish a story (e.g. with the punch line), to finish (a period, e.g. of fasting), to win over, to seduce, to conquer (unwillingness)
  • 落下らっか
    fall, drop, descent, coming down
  • 落とし穴おとしあな
    pitfall, trap, pit
  • 落ち葉おちば
    fallen leaves, leaf litter, falling leaves, leaf fall, dropping leaves, defoliation, deciduous
  • 落胆らくたん
    discouragement, despondency, dejection, disappointment
  • 脱落だつらく
    dropping out, falling behind, falling by the wayside, desertion, omission, being left out, missing part, falling off, coming off, shedding
  • 落雷らくらい
    lightning strike, lightning bolt
  • 堕落だらく
    depravity, corruption, degradation