9 strokes

defeat, negative, -, minus, bear, owe, assume a responsibility



Common words

  • 負担ふたん
    burden, load, responsibility, bearing (a cost, responsibility, etc.), shouldering
  • 勝負しょうぶ
    victory or defeat, match, contest, game, bout
  • 負けまけ
    defeat, loss, losing (a game), failing to live up to (one's name, looks, etc.), discount, loss (on a sale)
  • 負債ふさい
    debt, liabilities
  • 抱負ほうふ
    aspiration, ambition, plan, hopes, wishes
  • 負傷ふしょう
    injury, wound
  • 負うおう
    to carry on one's back, to bear, to shoulder, to take (responsibility), to assume, to accept, to bear (the blame, costs, etc.), to have (a duty, obligation, etc.), to become responsible for, to be burdened with (work, debt, etc.), to suffer (an injury), to sustain (a wound), to receive, to incur (a loss, damage, etc.), to owe (a debt of gratitude to), to be indebted to, to have (something) behind one, to be backed by
  • 自負じふ
    pride, self-confidence, thinking highly of oneself, being proud of one's abilities or achievements
  • 負けるまける
    to lose, to be defeated, to succumb, to give in, to surrender, to yield, to be inferior to, to break out in a rash due to (e.g. lacquer, shaving, etc.), to reduce the price, to give a discount, to throw in (something extra) for free
  • 負けん気まけんき
    competitive spirit, spirit of rivalry
  • 背負うせおう
    to carry on one's back, to be burdened with, to take responsibility for, to have (something) in the background, to be in front (of something), to be conceited, to think highly of oneself
  • 負け犬まけいぬ
    loser, failure, underdog, unsuccessful person, non-achiever, loser dog, unmarried and childless older woman
  • 負け惜しみまけおしみ
    being a poor loser, unwillingness to admit defeat, sour grapes