9 strokes

mask, face, features, surface



Common words

  • つら
    face, mug, surface, cheek meat, cheek, cheeks, surrounding area
  • 場面ばめん
    scene, setting, place (where something happens), scenario, case, scene (in a movie, play), shot, state of the market
  • 面積めんせき
    area (measurement), square measure, size (of land), floor space
  • 正面しょうめん
    front, frontage, facade, main
  • 表面ひょうめん
    surface, face, outside, exterior, appearances, superficiality
  • 全面的ぜんめんてき
    total, complete, all-out, general, extensive, full-scale
  • 画面がめん
    screen (of a TV, computer, etc.), image (on a screen), picture, scene, surface of a painting (picture, drawing, etc.)
  • 半面はんめん
    half the face, one side, half, the other side, the reverse, the contrary
  • 側面そくめん
    side, flank, profile, sidelight, lateral, aspect, dimension
  • 水面すいめん
    water's surface
  • 一面いちめん
    one face, one surface, the whole surface, one aspect, one side, (on) the other hand, one broad, flat object, front page (e.g. newspaper)
  • 方面ほうめん
    direction, district, area, field (e.g. of study), sphere, quarter, aspect, angle
  • 面接めんせつ
    interview (e.g. for a job)
  • 両面りょうめん
    both sides, two sides, double-sided
  • 面倒めんどう
    trouble, bother, trouble, difficulty, care, attention
  • 紙面しめん
    space on a page (e.g. in a newspaper), surface of paper, letter, writings, document
  • 額面がくめん
    face value, par
  • 斜面しゃめん
    slope, slanting surface, bevel
  • 面会めんかい
    meeting (face-to-face), seeing, visit, interview
  • 地面じめん
    ground, earth's surface, land, lot, plot